Saturday, January 29, 2011

Things 178-187

I had to take a brief break from the office to document these Things. Most of them have been piling up in my Things to give away pile for a few months. I had planned to purge them when taking on my closet. But then there was a coat drive at my office, and I knew I needed to at least pass on the heavy coats during the cold season rather than wait until I get to the closet, which might not happen until summer 2012 at the rate I'm going.

So here we have an assortment of clothing, including three winter coats that are a little old and ill-fitting, and fortunately on their way to someone who needs them:

From 365 things

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Things 151-177

I decided to take a little break from the bookshelf of terror and instead focus on the office closet. This is because as I tried to file some things found on the bookshelf, I realized I could no longer open the office closet door to access the filing cabinet. This is quite a process.

Among the many Things jamming the office closet sliding doors is a plastic tub full of random electronic parts. Mostly wires, actually. In fact, of the 27 Things pictured below, about two dozen of them are Ethernet or telephone wires. Amazing when you consider that between the two of us, Chris and I have owned a grand total of four computers over the years. How we managed to accumulate more than 20 wires to connect those four computers to the the Internet is beyond me.

From 365 things

Also included in these Things are wire splitters, a DSL router and co-ax cables. The tub of electronics also was home to an assortment of power cords. What they supply power to, however, is still a mystery. I'm guessing old cell phones and digital cameras. Until I figure that out, though, I'm going to hold on to them.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

The past week; a culinary tour

The last week of the year is always a busy one for us. In addition to all the usual holiday chaos, Chris and I both have our birthdays. This year was no exception in the madness department. Maya even pitched in and got an ear infection last week (on Chris' birthday, in fact) to make the week even crazier than normal.

But rather than give a play-by-play of the past week, I thought I'd steal a post from a fellow blogger (who's on a blogging hiatus at the moment) and just give you all recap of what I ate over the past week or so:

Goat-cheese pizza
Sweet potato fries
Pork tamales
Pecan-crusted salmon
Chicken skewers
Jalepeno-stuffed green olives
Sweet potatoes
Dried fruit
Mixed nuts
Chili dip
Cheese omelet
Broccoli cheddar soup
Mediterranean sandwich
Beet & potato quesadilla
Chili mac
Pumpkin pie
Apple pie
Potato chips
Stuffed cabbage
Carnival squash soup
Raisin bran
Whole-wheat pancakes
Chicken & butternut squash curry
And of course, inordinate amounts of wine and beer.

'Tis the season.