Monday, October 03, 2011

Posts I meant to write last week

Monday: Our new-found love for the movie Tangled, and its supreme bribery powers to get Maya to behave.
Tuesday: Maya's second birthday. There would have been tears. Oh, and photo of the potty training toilet we're going to start using in the near future.
Thursday: More stuff.
Friday: A preview of my weekend/work trip to NYC.

What I actually did last week, instead of blogging:

Monday: Fell asleep on the couch as soon as Maya went to bed.
Tuesday: Put together one of Maya's birthday presents.Passed out upon completion.
Thursday: Packed for NYC and went to bed early due to a super-early flight the next morning.
Friday: Took a 6 am flight to NYC. Took Maya to Central Park. Napped.

So basically, I slept through blogging. Um, having a two-year-old is exhausting.