Saturday, August 09, 2014

Baby Maker

A little belated, but thought I'd post the video I made for Chris' 5th Father's Day here.

Side note: I've wanted to set this song, "Promise," by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, to music for years. It's the best.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Flashback Friday

I read recently that your can give new life to old content by reposting something with a new twist. I love how this is totally effortless and also gives me an excuse to browse through the archives.

So, in celebration of today's date, 8/8 — the anniversary of Wrigley Field getting lights (8/8/88) — I thought I'd bring up any other posts I did on Aug. 8 over the years:

2008: Sweaty Elvis
That time I ran a 5K is an inflatable Elvis costume. Much like the Cubs' first night game, I finished the post the next day.

2006: Enclosed in a Veil
Back when I blogged frequently, was prepping for my wedding, and I participated in the now-defunct photo blog Self-portrait Challenge.

Man, life pre-kids was different.