Friday, September 11, 2015

JPMorgan Corporate Challenge: Race No. 12

I’ve heard a lot about this race from friends and family. They told me about the food, the drinking, all the fun they’ve had. So this year I recruited some coworkers to form a team. But here’s the deal (which I didn’t realize until after signing us all up): It’s only fun if your company has tons of cash to splurge on a tent, catering and kegs. My employer at the time was not that type of company, and so, the race was simply a group of 20-30-somethings getting together to run around the streets of Chicago.

Overall, the race wasn’t well organized. It took us nearly an hour to get to the start line because they weren’t prepared for the crowds.

Way, way over there is the start line. But we were stuck in a line literally nearly a mile long to get there.

The race was packed from beginning to end, which made running a decent pace difficult. And by the time we got to the first water station, it was out of water.

Still, we had fun on our own, got our free t-shirts and finish-line banana. So there’s that.

"Action" shot

Race Summary

Race name: JPMorgan Corporate Challenge
2015 Challenge Race No.: 12
Location: Grant Park, Chicago, IL
Organizers/Sponsor: JPMorgan Chase
Beneficiary: Get In Chicago
Cost: $47
Distance: 3.5 miles

Best parts of the race:
- My coworkers

Worst part:
- Lack of organization.

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