Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things 14 & 15

Oh, I have so much catching up to do. I should be up to Thing 26 by now. Instead, I give you Things 14 and 15:

From 365 things
Like our dear iron, this silverware is backup-backup silverware. We got everyday silverware for our wedding, as well as fancy silverware. But then I also have my parents' first set of everyday silverware, which they've since replaced, twice. All of the silverware you see above is the random, unmatched stuff I used in college and before Chris and I got married. Which is why it's perfect for my cousin who just graduated from college.

From 365 things

That same cousin also recently took home this colander. This is our backup colander, and as much as I'm all about having a backup for everything, I decided I needed to let this go. I'm mean really, how many colanders does one need? Plus, we have a set of mesh strainers sitting the bench in case we ever encounter some sort of straining emergency.

The purging, photographing and blogging will be on hold for the next week as the Wunder family travels to Missouri. In a few days, Chris and I will be sitting poolside, sipping margaritas, while Maya spends some quality time with Gigi and Grandad. Bliss.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I have tons of catching up to do on my purging project. I've actually continued to work on this, and even found someone to take some of my stuff. But I'm a bit behind in the picture-taking and posting department. Maybe tomorrow.

The little Wunder family has being running around non-stop lately. On Friday night, we went to North Center's Ribfest. Saturday was Aqua Babies. Saturday night Chris and I went to a wedding, and my cousin stayed overnight to babysit. Sunday morning, we all recovered a bit, had a big brunch, watched some soccer. Then we headed to Blues Fest to meet up with an old friend and her parents. There was also tons of errand running, cleaning and gardening going on over the weekend, too.

I'm beat. By 7 o'clock last night, I was starting to look forward to going into work today.

Honestly, I sort of love Monday mornings. Usually, I get in early before most of my co-workers. I make the coffee, log onto my computer, and just enjoy the silence for a bit.

The running around continues this weekend. On Friday, we fly down to Kansas City for a wedding. Then we're meeting up with Chris' parents in Branson for a few days. Eight days after we get back, we'll be off to Pittsburgh for yet another wedding. (We have five total this summer, three of which are out of town).

Just thinking about all this is making me tired. Time for more coffee.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Things 12 & 13

Remember when I said I only had one "designer" item and therefore saved the pretty box it came in? I lied. I own two "designer" things. Chris got me a Burberry watch for Christmas. This is the box it came in. Isn't it purty?

From 365 things

Then there's this discman. Honestly, getting rid of this thing is kinda difficult. It's a relic, a symbol of my youth, something Chris tried to convince me to keep just so we can show Maya what a discman was someday. But I can't save crap just for the sake of its obsolescence. Besides, I still have a tape deck and a closet full of cassettes and VHS tapes. So Maya can marvel at those someday, then return to listening to whatever wireless, brain-activated music device they've invented by the time she's a teenager.

From 365 things

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Things 6-11

I'm still here, getting rid of junk. I just took a little break from picture-taking and post-writing to enjoy the long weekend and such. But without further ado, I give you things 6-11:

From 365 things

Thing 6: This was a hand-me-down from some friends. Like most parents, I still get up some nights to make sure the baby's breathing. It's this strange OCD-neurosis thing that overtakes even the most laid-back moms. You wake up at 3 AM convinced that the baby is eerily quiet, or maybe you think you heard her cough or snore, and you convince yourself she's suffocating. And there's no way you can go back to bed until you check to make sure everything's OK. It happens to every parent. Fortunately, my form of neurosis never got so out of control that I needed this baby motion sensor. And considering it's never been opened, I assume the same was true of our friends.

Thing 7: Those same friends did use this wipe warmer. Perhaps there's some medical or developmental thing behind using warm wipes that I don't understand. But Maya seems just fine with room-temperature wipes, so we're sticking with those.

Thing 8: It's hard to find shoes tiny enough for my tiny feet. Amazingly, these shoes are too tiny.

Thing 9: I bought a pin at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store a while back. Although the pin was relatively cheap, it is the one and only "designer" item I own. So why am I getting rid of it? I'm not. I'm getting rid of the box it came in. Because when you're a true pack rat, you save things like fancy boxes from high-end stores. It's an illness, I swear.

Thing 10: This is a tissue dispenser that I got for free at the Taste of Chicago a few years ago. Why would anyone ever need this? And more importantly, why would anyone ever save it? See above.

Thing 11: What is it about women where we save clothing, convincing ourselves that someday it will fit? This dress is too big on top and too small on the bottom. And surprisingly, after holding on to this dress for years, my body shape never changed drastically, other than the giant belly I was sporting for a few months. It's time to let go of the dress, and the ideal.