Monday, March 28, 2011

Things 202-203: The beginning of the books

I've started with the books on the bookshelf. But I didn't have time tonight to devote to my plan of attack: Arrange all the books alphabetically by author. Look for duplicates and/or books I know we'll never read again or lend out. Purge.

Instead, I just grabbed two I knew off the top of my head:

From 365 things

The first, a book I bought for Chris thinking it was a "guy" book he'd enjoy. He almost couldn't finish it because it was so bad. Whoops.

The second, a duplicate. When Chris and I started dating, he insisted I get this book by his favorite poet. So I did. And it is a great book, although I really only read his version. And now, nearly nine years later, we're married, live in a little house with a big dog and a fast-growing toddler, and we have still two copies of this book: his all marked-up and dog-eared; mine barely touched. So I'm saving the former and passing on the latter.

That's all for now. More TK.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Long lost blog

It's been a while. As always, I will blame my lack of blogging on being busy. But really, I've been all kinds of busy, mostly travel-related. So far this year, I've been to:

- Orlando
- Milwaukee
- Minneapolis
- Kansas City
- Orlando (again)
- Atlanta
- Kentucky

Later today, I'm flying to Charlotte. And then next week, I go to Phoenix.

After that, I'm staying put for a few weeks. Most of this travel is work-related, although a few trips (KC, Kentucky, Phoenix) are mini-vacations.

Despite this travel, I have been working on my 365 project, just not the documentation and blogging portion. Here's the latest:

Thing 188
From 365 things

Cleaned out a filing box...

Thing 189
From 365 things

... add random stuff found in the office closet...

Things 190-201
From 365 things

... and a collection of stuff from around the house. We have some ill-fitting winter hats, old gloves, and tons of baby bibs. Regarding the latter, I get tons and tons of hand-me-down bibs for Maya. And although my first instinct is to save them all for any potential future kids, even if I had 12 kids I'd never need the heaps of bibs we have.

Despite these efforts, I have just 59 days to get rid of another 164 Things. So we'll see. Maybe I'll get there. Maybe I'll come close.

p.s. A little shout-out to my dad, who turns 65 today. Happy birthday dad!