Tuesday, February 20, 2007


One of Chris and my favorite shows (and guilty pleasures) is the show Cheaters. At least it used to be. But now that I know, first hand, how embarrassing and real life this show is, I’ve lost my taste for it.

Chris and I went out of town this weekend to visit the family in North Carolina, and while we were gone, Rosie called Cheaters.

The episode is set to air sometime next month. But if you can’t handle all those commercials for payday loans and get-rich quick programs, here’s the brief summary:

Investigation Day 3:

Suspects Sarah and Chris are seen in the company of an unknown male companion.

The suspects and the companion spend about an hour together playing and laughing, before retiring into an unknown residence, which they don’t leave until the next morning.

Investigation Day 7:

The suspects are once again spotted with the companion, now identified as Baron von Wunderhund.

Sarah, Chris and the companion exchange looks of adoration, and even pose together for a “family” photo.


Cheaters detectives brief Rosie on the whereabouts of Sarah and Chris. When Rosie learns of the new companion, she’s left distraught.

Regular Cheaters host Richard Greco was unavailable for this episode, so Rosie talked to new Cheaters host HollyRhea (who is totally pregnant, in case you haven’t heard) about her hurt feelings toward Sarah and Chris.

Despite these feelings, however, Rosie said she would like to try to repair her relationship with Sarah and Chris.

The Aftermath:

It’s been a few days since Rosie was reunited with Sarah and Chris. Although the suspects said they have not ruled out seeing their North Carolina companion again, they said they never intended to hurt Rosie. They hope to be able to put the incident behind them and move on with their lives.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tales from Upstate

Whenever I tell people about the weather in Syracuse, I always mention the first January I lived there and how we got 100 inches of snow that month. Most people mistakingly believe I'm exaggerating.

I used to think 100 inches in one month was insane, until I read this.

And to think I drove a rear-wheel drive pick-up when I lived there. And I drove around A LOT back then because I was a reporter at the time. I'm amazed I never ended up buried in a snow drift, reporter's notebook and felt-tip pen (ball points freeze) in hand, listening to Tony Kornheiser or Terry Gross as I met my eternal rest.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Chicago's It Girl

Last week, I convinced myself to go out one night, alone. Mediabistro.com and Oprah.com hosted this networking event for folks who work in Web publishing. I do a little Web publishing at my job, but mostly, I was digging the free drinks and totally wanted to meet Oprah.

She wasn't there.


Anyway, although I didn't get to meet The Big O, I did get to meet Laurel Touby, founder of Mediabistro.com. I even got her business card. So we're like, best friends now.

Don't believe me? See for yourself!

Here's Laurel...

and here's me, doing what I do best...

...staking claim to the food table.

You see, the quesadillas we're REALLY good. And, well, I knew NO ONE and I felt super awkward. Me and small talk do not get along. This is why I can't make new friends. What am I supposed to say? "Oh my god, you have brown hair?!?! Me too! What are the odds? Want to be my new best friend? ... Please?..."

But after a glass of wine or three, I opened up and started chatting up some people, got some cards, did the whole networking thang. I even ran into a woman I used to work with when I interned for a local athletic magazine. I don't think she remembered me at first, and for some reason, I could remember every little detail of her life that summer, so I'm pretty sure I freaked her out.

But hey, at least I made some headway on a New Year's resolution. (Be more social? Check. Eat more vegetables? Eh, not so much...)