Thursday, February 07, 2013

Down in the dumps

No Chicago-based toilet blog could exist without mention of the crappiest of crap holes in the city. I speak, of course, of Wrigley Field.

I should note that I am a life-long Cubs fan. I have stuck with them as they've built up my hopes and then flushed that hope down the toilet. Year after year after year. I am also a fan of Wrigley Field. You get spoiled growing up going to that park. It's size. It's charm. It's Old Style.

Yet, despite my love for the Cubs, and my love for Wrigley Field, I will be the first to admit that the bathrooms blow billygoats.

Wrigley Field
Chicago, IL

Don't let this picture fool you: It was taken very early during a game day. Rest assured by the 6th inning, the floor was covered in a fine blend of beer, urine, toilet paper, cigarettes and sport peppers.

And this is just the women's restroom, as in the nicer of the two. Meanwhile, the men have the infamous Wrigley Field troughs.

Still, as much as I enjoy a clean bathroom, on a day like today -- early February, with a lovely "wintery mix" falling outside -- I'd rather be visiting those stinky stalls during the 7th inning stretch than salting my staircase.

So here's to four more days until pitchers and catchers report, and another step closer to the return of Summer.

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