Monday, October 03, 2011

Posts I meant to write last week

Monday: Our new-found love for the movie Tangled, and its supreme bribery powers to get Maya to behave.
Tuesday: Maya's second birthday. There would have been tears. Oh, and photo of the potty training toilet we're going to start using in the near future.
Thursday: More stuff.
Friday: A preview of my weekend/work trip to NYC.

What I actually did last week, instead of blogging:

Monday: Fell asleep on the couch as soon as Maya went to bed.
Tuesday: Put together one of Maya's birthday presents.Passed out upon completion.
Thursday: Packed for NYC and went to bed early due to a super-early flight the next morning.
Friday: Took a 6 am flight to NYC. Took Maya to Central Park. Napped.

So basically, I slept through blogging. Um, having a two-year-old is exhausting.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wee WC

As are most things in cosmopolitan cities, living quarters in London are notoriously small and expensive. And my flat in London was no exception. Our apartment was slightly larger than a dorm room and housed three of us.

My bed in particular was in a "loft" space in the room. Because the ceiling height was so high, a loft was created above the rest of the apartment, featuring some beds and a dresser. Unfortunately, this loft was only 4 feet high, meaning I could not stand up while doing important tasks, like walking and getting dressed.

But, I was in London, traveling almost every weekend to another country, and ridiculously happy (save for the heartache I had over Chris, who was so, so far away in Syracuse at law school).

Anyway, as you might expect in a teeny-tiny flat, we had a teeny-tiny bathroom:

Knaresborough Place, London
From Peed to Meet You

The little loo came with some perks, like the ability to pee and brush your teeth at the same time. Or, after a few too many pints at the local pub, you could rest your head on the sink while going to the bathroom.

And in a way, I look back on this bathroom fondly. Not for the size, so much, as for the time in my life: pre-graduation, pre-marriage, pre-parenthood. Days I could piss away as I pleased.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gone with the Wind

From the history of my toilet posts, it appears that all I do is go out to restaurants. And honestly, my bank account would likely agree.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I met my mom, aunt, sister and cousin out for lunch at Ted's Montana Grill. If you're not familar with the chain, it's Ted, as in, Ted Turner.

There wasn't anything remarkable about the bathrooms (save for the dual-flush technology). So in honor of Ted, I present this pic, fully colorized:

Ted's Montana Grill
Naperville, IL

From Peed to Meet You

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Things 264-284: High school

First off, I've missed a toilet post, I know. The thing is, I ran into a little problem: I can't find all the photos I took in Europe.

I distinctly remember organizing them all and writing their locations on the back of the photos. I planned ahead. Then, I filed them somewhere. I just have no idea where.

So, one of my projects this weekend is to go through all the negatives from my Europe photos (because, obviously, I still have those), reprint them all, and scan them into my computer.

This is one of the many reasons I need to keep on top of my 365 project. The more I get rid of stuff I don't need, the more likely I'll find the things I actually want to keep.

Anyway, as my last post was on discarding relics from college, I thought it only appropriate to turn my attention to high school:

From 365 things

The high school graduation cap. Not sure what happened to the gown.

From 365 things

From 365 things

Assorted jewelry and jewelry boxes. And no, don't read too much into me getting rid of a pair of Cubs earrings. I just don't wear earrings too much anymore. The Cubs, however, will never be one of my 365 Things.

From 365 things

OK, this was hard. I was in high school during the height of grunge. And these old Chucks were my standby. I wore these shoes almost every day in high school. They were part of my identity.

But you know what? They're old shoes; not a person. I haven't worn them in more than 10 years. They have holes, and the soles are falling out, and honestly? Chucks really aren't that comfortable.

That doesn't mean, of course, that I haven't started eying a new pair.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Things 252-263: College

It's been eight years since I graduated college. I have to admit that I didn't really love college. Sure, there were some high points (meeting my future husband, a few really great friends, London), but the low points sort of overshadowed everything else (losing yer toes will do that).

But more than the whole illness thing, I never really found my clique in college. There were the sorority/fraternity types (loathed them, although I did marry one), the Midwestern hicks (bigots might be a better description), and the hipsters (pretty much the entire j-school). Although most of my friends probably fell into the latter group, I never really fit in there. The judging, the cooler-than-thou attitude, the obsession with Cat Power. No thanks.

Anyway, given this sort of "meh" feeling about college in general, it's a bit of a head-scratcher that I've saved so much stuff from my college years—stuff I really don't need and will never use again, such as:

From 365 things

These class notes and graded blue books (do college students even use these anymore?). I have no idea why I saved these. I suppose I thought I could look back at the notes in my career. But let's face it: The journalism industry has changed quite a bit in the past eight years, and I seriously doubt any of the brilliant insights within will ever help me out. As for the blue books, I assume I held on to these because I aced some really hard final, which meant something to me when I was 23. Now? Eh.

From 365 things

From 365 things

And these relics from one of my internships. Yes, I learned a lot from my days at Pioneer Press, and the experience likely helped me land my first job. But a denim hat and unflattering photo of me in front of a ginormous, ancient computer probably aren't going to help out my career anytime soon.

I'm sure I have tons of other useless keepsakes from college, some I can easily pitch, other burrowed deep in my brain that I'll never be able to shake. And maybe that's not all bad.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Si Oui

August and early September are providing quite a few baby getaways for me and Chris. We started the month out in Galena, and this weekend Chris' parents are coming in town and have requested the pleasure of babysitting Maya nearly round-the-clock for three days.

In addition, a few weeks ago Chris and I took advantage of some free babysitting (thanks sis!) and went out with another couple for some roller derby and dinner. This is a big deal for us. I could probably count on one hand the number of times we've gone out for a nice dinner, sans baby, in the past two years.

The restaurant was Mexique, a French-Mexican spot. The food was incredible, as was the wine—which I consumed after having two beers at derby. Needless to say, a trip to the bathroom was in order, and I had my camera ready:

Chicago, IL
From Peed to Meet You

Monday, August 29, 2011

Potty mouth, continued

We have another mispronunciation to add to Maya's vocabulary.

When asked: "Maya, what city do you live in?"
Her response: "Fish Taco."

Friday, August 26, 2011

Time out

Let's just pretend the last three weeks didn't happen. Here I am, blogging away, keeping to my schedule. Wee!!

Since my last post (which was mere days ago, right?), Chris and I went to Galena for a little getaway. It was the first time in Maya's nearly two-year history that we've both spent more than 12 hours away from her. And I have to admit that it. was. awesome.

The most amazing part was breakfast Saturday morning. We ate at a leisurely pace, never had to pick up food or utensils thrown on the floor, and even had time to read the paper. All the while, these lovely people kept coming to our table, refilling our coffee and water.

Other highlights include the drive there and back, which didn't contain screaming, crying or shoe throwing, shopping at places featuring breakable objects, and the excessive consumption of alcohol with no fear of being awoken the next day at 6 am by a cranky, poopy toddler.

I cannot express how long overdue this weekend was. If you had told me in the September 2009 that it would be almost two years until Chris and I spent more than a few hours baby-free, I probably wouldn't have believed you. Because really, no two sane adults should ever go that long without a little break.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

No dumping

Three years ago, Chris, Rosie and I went camping in eastern Kentucky. We did "primitive" camping, meaning there aren't any campgrounds, RV hook ups, running water, etc. Instead, there's a parking lot and a trail. You hike out to a good-looking spot, clear out some space, and set up camp. We loved it, and Rosie was in doggie heaven.

As you might expect with primitive camping, there aren't really any bathrooms. Just a latrine near the parking lot (which was a 10-minute hike from the campsite.) So, most bathroom trips involved a flashlight and a tree.

Still, this latrine was one of the best I've ever visited. Not for the toilet, but for the decor:

Daniel Boone National Forest
Pine Ridge, KY
From Peed to Meet You

Best sign ever. Here's a closer look:

Daniel Boone National Forest
Pine Ridge, KY
From Peed to Meet You

Don't you want this sign in your bathroom, too?

Monday, August 01, 2011

Potty mouth

In a little less than two months, Maya will be two. On one hand, I can't believe she's so big already. On the other, I feel like she's already been two for months. She's running and talking and becoming opinionated. We can almost have little conversations with her. It's pretty incredible.

She's at the age, though, that sometimes only Chris and I know what she's saying or what she means. "Choo choo," for example, means she wants to watch Thomas the Engine. "Gaga" means she wants to listen to music (the kid likes Lady Gaga. I have no idea how that happened). And "beer" is what she calls anything adults drink, be it coffee, tea, wine, whatever. To her, it's all "beer" (we are awesome parents).

And then there are the even more troublesome mispronunciations, especially these three: Spoon, which she pronounces "poon"; Grape, which she pronounces "rape"; and fork, which she pronounces as, well... I assume you can figure that one out.

I know this will pass. But until then, please accept my apologies for my foul-mouthed little lady. She can't help it. She takes after her mother. And her father.

    Thursday, July 28, 2011

    Things 248-251

    I keep finding clothes that I no longer wear, but hold on to for silly reasons.

    From 365 things

    For example, the jeans above used to be my skinny pants. I gained a bit of weight when I lived in Syracuse, and these jeans got too tight. When I moved to Chicago and started walking everywhere, they finally fit again.

    I remember the first time I was able to fit into them again. I wore them out to a club when Katie was in town visiting. They were my "skinny" jeans. I rejoiced.

    Then, I started getting serious about getting back on track. I started running, eating better, trained for a triathlon, etc. And now these jeans are too big. They're also all frayed at the bottom and getting washed out. And when it comes to fat pants, I have other jeans that are in better shape. So it's time to get rid of the skinny fat pants.

    The white shirt above is one I'll always remember wearing to the Taste of Randolph in 2002. I was home for the summer and Chris and I had just started dating. He came up to visit and we went to the festival with Laura and Eric (he was working on Randolph at the time.) Laura took a cute picture of me and Chris, and I brought it with me to London that fall, looking at it all the time because I missed Chris so much.

    A few years later, I wore that shirt to the 3rd of July fireworks. Chris and I rode our bikes downtown, and it had just rained. I got mud splatters all over the back of the shirt. After the fireworks, we biked home, and the city shut down part of Lake Shore Drive, so we got to ride down Lake Shore at night, and it was beautiful.

    I was never able to get the mud splatters out of the back of the shirt. So I never wore it again. I've saved it, though, for the past few years, solely for sentimental reasons. But I suppose I don't need the shirt. I already got Chris. And I still have the pic:

    From 365 things

    Tuesday, July 26, 2011

    Peed to Meet You

    Let's just get something out of the way: I'm weird.

    I have a weird sense of humor. I laugh at strange times. You know Dr. Hibbert? That's me.

    So it's with that caveat that I introduce my latest project — one I've been planning for years, and I personally think is funny. You, on the other hand, might just think I'm weird.

    The plan started nine years ago when I was about to leave for a semester in London. I knew that I'd do a lot of traveling during my three months there, and I wanted to be able to document all the places I'd been. (This was before the days of Facebook and FourSquare).

    But simply taking pictures of buildings and landscapes was beyond cliche. Plus, a picture of, say, a cathedral, doesn't mean anything. Sure, the architecture is beautiful and the stained glass is exquisite. But that's doesn't express how well you got to know a place. I wanted to know everything about the places I visited — the interior and exterior, the blend of old world charm and modern conveniences, the beauty captured by tourists' cameras, and the reality those tourists experienced.

    In other words, I wanted to document the bathrooms. Or more specifically, the toilets.

    You see, these structures from centuries past had to be retrofitted to accommodate modern toilets. You walk out of the naturally lit beauty of a sanctuary, barely touched in 500 years, and into fluorescent-lit bathrooms with automatic-flush toilets. You have to love the contradiction.

    Or so I thought.

    In reality, many old world toilets haven't seen much updating. Some are beautifully decorated and provide a seamless transition. Some are nothing more than a hole in the ground. Many don't have toilet paper.

    So the project evolved. And now the plan is this: Document my travels by toilet, then frame the pictures, along with their locations, and display them in our bathroom. It's a sort of traveling "George Washington Slept Here" idea, except I'm George Washington, and I, hopefully, haven't been sleeping on the toilet.

    So here's the first entry, taken in Tangier, Morocco, in 2006, on my honeymoon:

    Tangier, Morocco, September 2006

    Just check out that tiling. Gorgeous, huh? And not one, but THREE, rolls of toilet paper.

    So there you have my newest project. It's weird, yes. But at least I'm amused.

    And if you've see me walking into a bathroom with a camera, now you know why.

    Monday, July 25, 2011

    Nerd alert

    Maya's really into books. So much so, that she brings them to bed with her every night, and often reads (or pretends to read) to her stuffed animals. She's also really into trains (or "choo-choos") and buses.

    And in case it weren't already obvious that she'd follow in her parents' nerdy footsteps, she's now really into glasses, too.

    While on vacation a few weeks ago, Maya got a new pair of sunglasses. For whatever reason, she popped the lenses out and has been obsessed with just wearing the frames.

    Behold, my little poindexter:

    From ReporterStone

    From ReporterStone

    From ReporterStone

    Friday, July 22, 2011

    Catching up

    Well hello there.

    It's been a while. I've been busy, as always. Traveling a ton. Nothing new there. I've also been slowly picking away at this 365 project. Sorting through things, getting rid of stuff, taking pictures. Doing everything involved in the project, except blogging.

    And you know what? I really need to blog. Not just to keep up with this project or track my progress, but to get shit out there. I need to write and share and get advice on everything from music recommendations to parenting help to recipe ideas.

    Figuring out where to start up again is the hardest part. Do I attempt to recap all the milestones of the past few months? Just pick up again like I never stopped?

    In my job, I sometimes help companies structure a blogging strategy. So I suppose I should know how to do this. If I were doing this for a client, I'd tell them to start with a schedule. You don't have to stick with the schedule forever, or even in the short term, but a regular schedule will help you get up and running.

    Personally, I'll let alliteration guide my schedule:

    Maya Mondays
    Toilet Tuesdays (I'll explain more later)
    Things Thursdays
    Free-for-all Fridays

    So there. Let's see how it goes.

    Thursday, May 26, 2011

    The dog ate more Things (246-247)

    Continuing the theme of other people's dogs eating our stuff, today I have two things:

    From 365 things

    A not-totally eaten, but very slobbery pillow, and a chewed-through futon cover.

    A few years ago, my in-laws came to visit and brought their dog Baron. Although he was full-grown, he was still very much a puppy. And like most German Shepherds, he was (and still is, to some extent) slightly neurotic. So when his mom and dad left him in our house for a few hours, he proceeded to eat part of it. Namely, our futon cover.

    Chris' parent were kind enough to replace the cover. And of course, I saved the old one because that's what I do best: Save Things I don't need.

    I'd like to point out, by the way, that none of these posts about dogs eating our stuff involve our dog, Rosie. That's because she's a sweet, old girl who doesn't chew our Things.

    I'd also like to point out that I currently have a bruise with teeth marks on my thigh. That lovely bite came courtesy of my daughter. It was one of the five or so times she's bitten me. Number of times Rosie's bitten me? Zero.

    I'd like to take credit for raising such a great dog. But the truth is, we just got really lucky.

    Wednesday, May 25, 2011

    Past-Due Things (244-245)

    Today's the day. Well, actually, yesterday was the day. I should have logged my 365th Thing yesterday. Instead, today, I give you Things 244-245:

    From 365 things

    Today, we have green Things. I've held on to these shirts solely to wear on St. Patrick's Day. But in reality, whenever March 17 rolls around, I usually end up wearing a different green shirt for whatever reason. So it's time to let these green Things go.

    As far as my little project, I'm gonna keep chipping away. I missed my goal, but I still have a lot of crap to get rid of. Also, instead of lying to myself and saying that I'll post every day or every other day, I need to admit that'll never happen. So I'm going to create a calendar for myself. This will also allow me to schedule my next blogging project that's sure to be a great idea that's impossible to executive (for me, at least).

    So it goes.

    Friday, May 20, 2011

    Things 237-243

    From workout clothes to work clothes:

    From 365 things

    The first group are mostly things I swear I'm gonna wear, but never do. The black dress on the left is one I have actually worn many times because Chris likes it. But the problem is, it's a wrap dress that doesn't wrap so well, and it flies open an inopportune times, which is probably why Chris likes it. 

    From 365 things

    The group contains a white blazer a co-worker once told me looked like a lab coat (he was right), a sweat shirt, and a white cable-knit sweater that's been through one too many nose wipes.

    Thursday, May 19, 2011

    Things 233-236

    Today, we have some workout clothes:

    From 365 things

    There are three tops that aren't long enough. For being relatively short, I have a crazy long torso. So it's common for shirts to be too short, letting a little belly hang out. And these shirts didn't look good on me pre-baby. So it's time to admit it's not gonna happen. Also, I'm ditching the soccer shorts I wore in high school. See-through white shorts probably weren't a good idea at 15 (although I didn't have a choice at the time), and they definitely aren't advised for a 30-something.

    And speaking of working out: Once upon a time, I said that running was way harder outdoors. I'd like to retract that statement. Running inside is harder. At least it was on Monday.

    I'm training for the Soldier Field 10 Mile. And now that my training runs are getting longer, I have to take them indoors on weeknights because it gets dark before I can get in my miles. So Monday night I ran the farthest I've gone so far (7.25 miles). And I did it on the treadmill at the gym.

    Um, that sucked. For starters, it's hot inside and there's no breeze. When I run outside, my mind wanders and I problem-solve and think about stuff my little brain doesn't have time to think about during work hours, and suddenly I've run 5 miles without realizing it. At the gym, all I can think about is running. And my brain keeps telling me to stop.

    Anyway, that's all for tonight. So much catching up to do...

    Sunday, May 15, 2011

    Things 226-232

    I have eight days left to get rid of 140 Things. Can it be done? Eh. We'll see.

    I rearranged my closet last weekend, and in the process, got rid of a ton of Things. Like all these shoes:

    From 365 things

    Or I should say, six pairs of shoes and one pair of giant sneaker-pillow slippers. That's actually the second pair of those slippers I've worn out.

    In non-365 news, May marks a few milestones each year. We had our fifth annual Cinco de Mayo party last weekend, Chris and I celebrated nine years of togetherness on Wednesday, my niece celebrates her second birthday later this month, and today is the seventh anniversary of us bringing Rosie home. Because she was full-grown when we got her, we estimate she was about three at the time, which means she's celebrating the Big 1-0 today. Happy birthday to my first baby girl:

    Thursday, April 28, 2011

    Thing 225

    Another quickie:

    From 365 things

    Speakers that accompanied a computer I got rid of six years ago.

    Tuesday, April 26, 2011

    Things 223-224

    Another quick post. Founds these two Things in the office closet:

    From 365 things

    A broken shower CD/radio, and yet another watch box.

    Thursday, April 21, 2011

    12 years ago today

    As of 12 years ago today, there is no little one who went to the market. None who stayed home. None who ate roast beef. Nor the one who had none. And they were never be any wee, wee, wee-ing all the way home.

    But 18 months ago, I gained 10 more piggies to wiggle and tickle, so it's all good.

    Monday, April 18, 2011

    The dog ate my Things (215-222)

    Remember Barkley? His was this wonderful, three-legged dog we used to dog sit for Chris' co-worker from time to time. Sadly, Barkley died about three years ago. Not long after, his owners got a new puppy. He was adorable, and playful, and even had four legs. We eventually dog sat him, after moving into the house back in 2008.

    Unfortunately, unlike his chill, snuggly predecessor Barkley, this new pup instead ate our house. Our curtains, books, CDs, the remote, our phone, his leash, Rosie's leash, a FlipCam. The list goes on. For some reason, Chris wanted to save the things he ate. I'm not sure why. His owners replaced all the stuff we lost. But I obliged and saved it anyway.

    Until this weekend. In my quest to clean out the office closet, I came across the bag full of chewed-up possessions:

    From 365 things

    We have two hats, a phone, a necklace, a coaster holder, two leashes, and the FlipCam bag.

    Now, I will admit that it was kind of cool to go through these again. I mean, just look at the awesome carnage:

    Leash one:
    I'm amazed by his ability to chew in a straight line.
    From 365 things

    Leash two:
    Retracted for eternity.
    From 365 things

    I'd love to see Chris wear this on the golf course.
    From 365 things

    All these Things are now in the trash where they belong. And that's the nice thing about digital cameras. I got rid of the Things, but I can always look back fondly at the time a dog ate our house.

    Saturday, April 16, 2011

    Things 213-214

    Quick post today:

    I finally sorted through all of Maya's socks (she had two drawers' full) and packed up the teeny tiny ones. In the process, I found these two things:

    From 365 things

    I must apologize if anyone reading this bought these for Maya. All I can say is, she's the youngest of three cousins and gets TONS of hand-me-downs. So sometimes, things never even get opened.

    During the sock-sorting process, I also found a handful of socks with no partners. I'm going to hold on to those for a week or so to see what comes out in the wash. But except to be seeing some singular socks here soon.

    Friday, April 15, 2011

    Things 204-212

    I finally got a chance to organize the bookshelf to my liking (alphabetically). Although after going through all my books, I seriously considered some Dewey Decimal action. Also? For only having one kid, I own a hell of a lot of books on pregnancy and parenting.

    But anyway, this little stack proved to be the only books I could part with:

    Things 204-212
    From 365 things

    There's an old Zagats guide because we have a newer one (which is still 3 years old), an old textbook I finally admitted I was never going to read again, and some books I received as gifts. And then we have a nice assortment of books on wedding planning and surviving the Bush presidency—both things I hope to never need again.

    Monday, March 28, 2011

    Things 202-203: The beginning of the books

    I've started with the books on the bookshelf. But I didn't have time tonight to devote to my plan of attack: Arrange all the books alphabetically by author. Look for duplicates and/or books I know we'll never read again or lend out. Purge.

    Instead, I just grabbed two I knew off the top of my head:

    From 365 things

    The first, a book I bought for Chris thinking it was a "guy" book he'd enjoy. He almost couldn't finish it because it was so bad. Whoops.

    The second, a duplicate. When Chris and I started dating, he insisted I get this book by his favorite poet. So I did. And it is a great book, although I really only read his version. And now, nearly nine years later, we're married, live in a little house with a big dog and a fast-growing toddler, and we have still two copies of this book: his all marked-up and dog-eared; mine barely touched. So I'm saving the former and passing on the latter.

    That's all for now. More TK.

    Thursday, March 24, 2011

    Long lost blog

    It's been a while. As always, I will blame my lack of blogging on being busy. But really, I've been all kinds of busy, mostly travel-related. So far this year, I've been to:

    - Orlando
    - Milwaukee
    - Minneapolis
    - Kansas City
    - Orlando (again)
    - Atlanta
    - Kentucky

    Later today, I'm flying to Charlotte. And then next week, I go to Phoenix.

    After that, I'm staying put for a few weeks. Most of this travel is work-related, although a few trips (KC, Kentucky, Phoenix) are mini-vacations.

    Despite this travel, I have been working on my 365 project, just not the documentation and blogging portion. Here's the latest:

    Thing 188
    From 365 things

    Cleaned out a filing box...

    Thing 189
    From 365 things

    ... add random stuff found in the office closet...

    Things 190-201
    From 365 things

    ... and a collection of stuff from around the house. We have some ill-fitting winter hats, old gloves, and tons of baby bibs. Regarding the latter, I get tons and tons of hand-me-down bibs for Maya. And although my first instinct is to save them all for any potential future kids, even if I had 12 kids I'd never need the heaps of bibs we have.

    Despite these efforts, I have just 59 days to get rid of another 164 Things. So we'll see. Maybe I'll get there. Maybe I'll come close.

    p.s. A little shout-out to my dad, who turns 65 today. Happy birthday dad!

    Friday, February 04, 2011

    Friday morning madness

    Hi there. I'm not sure if you know this, but there was this sort of large snowstorm recently. Maybe you've heard about it.

    Among other traveling headaches, this storm has left many Chicagoans who depend on alley access a wee bit stranded. People like use.

    We did manage to dig out our garage and get the car out yesterday morning. We ended up getting stuck a few times trying to get out of our alley, and again on our street. But we finally got out by driving the wrong way down our street. When we got home last night, Chris once again had to dig out our garage to get the car back in. And that brings us to this morning...

    This morning was one of those crazy mornings we have from time to time, even when we're not battling 3 feet of snow. Chris and I only have one car, which suits our needs quite well most of the time. But occasionally, a second car would come in quite handy. This morning was one of those occasions. Here's the back story:

    This weekend we're going to Kansas City to visit some friends. Like many trips we take, Rosie isn't coming with us, so my parents, who live in the suburbs, are watching her for the weekend. Although we don't leave until tomorrow morning, Chris had court this morning in the suburbs, so it worked out well. Chris could drop the dog off at my parents house before court. But here's where it gets tricky.

    Chris has to be at court at 9 a.m. And because we only have one car and the weather's too cold for Maya and I to take public transit, Chris has to drop off me and Maya at her daycare downtown before driving Rosie out my parents', and then driving from my parents' to court. As you can imagine, this means we all have to start off pretty early to get everyone delivered before Chris goes to court. Throw in an epic snowfall, and it was a very early morning indeed. Here how this morning went down:

    - Chris got up at 5, showered, ate breakfast, and went outside to begin re-digging out our garage.
    - I got up at 5:30, showered, got ready and got the baby ready.
    - Chris finished digging out the car, came back in and got ready for court. Around this time, he realizes that he accidentally left his suit jacket at the office.
    - Around 6:30, we load up the car with Maya and the dog and try to leave. We get stuck in the alley.
    - In his half-suit and dress shoes, Chris pushes the car while I rev the engine and the wheels spin.
    - In his half-suit and dress shoes, Chris falls in the snow and does a minor face plant into the hood of the car.
    - We finally get out and Chris gets back in the car.
    - I drive backward down our alley (not easy, considering there's a giant Rosie head blocking my view), turn down another alley (still going backward), and turn again down out street, going both the wrong way down our street, and of course, still driving backward.
    - We finally get out to closest major street, begin driving forward, and begin driving to Maya's daycare.
    - Traffic is terrible, and Chris begins to worry that he won't make it to court by 9.
    - We finally get to Maya's daycare. Chris jumps into the driver's seat, and I take Maya into daycare. Chris and Rosie head to the burbs.
    - I take public transit from Maya's daycare to my office. Other than being very, very cold, my drama ends there.
    - Chris drives to the burbs, drops off Rosie at my parents' and drives to court. He makes it there at 9:00 on the nose, but not before sending me this text at 8:48:

    "I just killed a squirrel."

    It's been a heck of a day folks, and it's not even half over. So if you happen to know Chris, have his cell phone number, e-mail, whatever, send him some kind words. If you see him in person today, bring him some chocolate or even better, an alcoholic beverage. And if you've never met him, just send some positive vibes his way. Thanks.

    Saturday, January 29, 2011

    Things 178-187

    I had to take a brief break from the office to document these Things. Most of them have been piling up in my Things to give away pile for a few months. I had planned to purge them when taking on my closet. But then there was a coat drive at my office, and I knew I needed to at least pass on the heavy coats during the cold season rather than wait until I get to the closet, which might not happen until summer 2012 at the rate I'm going.

    So here we have an assortment of clothing, including three winter coats that are a little old and ill-fitting, and fortunately on their way to someone who needs them:

    From 365 things

    Tuesday, January 18, 2011

    Things 151-177

    I decided to take a little break from the bookshelf of terror and instead focus on the office closet. This is because as I tried to file some things found on the bookshelf, I realized I could no longer open the office closet door to access the filing cabinet. This is quite a process.

    Among the many Things jamming the office closet sliding doors is a plastic tub full of random electronic parts. Mostly wires, actually. In fact, of the 27 Things pictured below, about two dozen of them are Ethernet or telephone wires. Amazing when you consider that between the two of us, Chris and I have owned a grand total of four computers over the years. How we managed to accumulate more than 20 wires to connect those four computers to the the Internet is beyond me.

    From 365 things

    Also included in these Things are wire splitters, a DSL router and co-ax cables. The tub of electronics also was home to an assortment of power cords. What they supply power to, however, is still a mystery. I'm guessing old cell phones and digital cameras. Until I figure that out, though, I'm going to hold on to them.

    Sunday, January 02, 2011

    The past week; a culinary tour

    The last week of the year is always a busy one for us. In addition to all the usual holiday chaos, Chris and I both have our birthdays. This year was no exception in the madness department. Maya even pitched in and got an ear infection last week (on Chris' birthday, in fact) to make the week even crazier than normal.

    But rather than give a play-by-play of the past week, I thought I'd steal a post from a fellow blogger (who's on a blogging hiatus at the moment) and just give you all recap of what I ate over the past week or so:

    Goat-cheese pizza
    Sweet potato fries
    Pork tamales
    Pecan-crusted salmon
    Chicken skewers
    Jalepeno-stuffed green olives
    Sweet potatoes
    Dried fruit
    Mixed nuts
    Chili dip
    Cheese omelet
    Broccoli cheddar soup
    Mediterranean sandwich
    Beet & potato quesadilla
    Chili mac
    Pumpkin pie
    Apple pie
    Potato chips
    Stuffed cabbage
    Carnival squash soup
    Raisin bran
    Whole-wheat pancakes
    Chicken & butternut squash curry
    And of course, inordinate amounts of wine and beer.

    'Tis the season.