Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday morning madness

Hi there. I'm not sure if you know this, but there was this sort of large snowstorm recently. Maybe you've heard about it.

Among other traveling headaches, this storm has left many Chicagoans who depend on alley access a wee bit stranded. People like use.

We did manage to dig out our garage and get the car out yesterday morning. We ended up getting stuck a few times trying to get out of our alley, and again on our street. But we finally got out by driving the wrong way down our street. When we got home last night, Chris once again had to dig out our garage to get the car back in. And that brings us to this morning...

This morning was one of those crazy mornings we have from time to time, even when we're not battling 3 feet of snow. Chris and I only have one car, which suits our needs quite well most of the time. But occasionally, a second car would come in quite handy. This morning was one of those occasions. Here's the back story:

This weekend we're going to Kansas City to visit some friends. Like many trips we take, Rosie isn't coming with us, so my parents, who live in the suburbs, are watching her for the weekend. Although we don't leave until tomorrow morning, Chris had court this morning in the suburbs, so it worked out well. Chris could drop the dog off at my parents house before court. But here's where it gets tricky.

Chris has to be at court at 9 a.m. And because we only have one car and the weather's too cold for Maya and I to take public transit, Chris has to drop off me and Maya at her daycare downtown before driving Rosie out my parents', and then driving from my parents' to court. As you can imagine, this means we all have to start off pretty early to get everyone delivered before Chris goes to court. Throw in an epic snowfall, and it was a very early morning indeed. Here how this morning went down:

- Chris got up at 5, showered, ate breakfast, and went outside to begin re-digging out our garage.
- I got up at 5:30, showered, got ready and got the baby ready.
- Chris finished digging out the car, came back in and got ready for court. Around this time, he realizes that he accidentally left his suit jacket at the office.
- Around 6:30, we load up the car with Maya and the dog and try to leave. We get stuck in the alley.
- In his half-suit and dress shoes, Chris pushes the car while I rev the engine and the wheels spin.
- In his half-suit and dress shoes, Chris falls in the snow and does a minor face plant into the hood of the car.
- We finally get out and Chris gets back in the car.
- I drive backward down our alley (not easy, considering there's a giant Rosie head blocking my view), turn down another alley (still going backward), and turn again down out street, going both the wrong way down our street, and of course, still driving backward.
- We finally get out to closest major street, begin driving forward, and begin driving to Maya's daycare.
- Traffic is terrible, and Chris begins to worry that he won't make it to court by 9.
- We finally get to Maya's daycare. Chris jumps into the driver's seat, and I take Maya into daycare. Chris and Rosie head to the burbs.
- I take public transit from Maya's daycare to my office. Other than being very, very cold, my drama ends there.
- Chris drives to the burbs, drops off Rosie at my parents' and drives to court. He makes it there at 9:00 on the nose, but not before sending me this text at 8:48:

"I just killed a squirrel."

It's been a heck of a day folks, and it's not even half over. So if you happen to know Chris, have his cell phone number, e-mail, whatever, send him some kind words. If you see him in person today, bring him some chocolate or even better, an alcoholic beverage. And if you've never met him, just send some positive vibes his way. Thanks.