Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bringing Potty Back

Oh my, it's been a while.

Since my last post, I've shaved my head, given birth, and started a second blog. But apparently, none of those events were eventful enough for me to start blogging again.

So what's brought me out of my slumber? Toilets.

While on maternity leave, I've had a little time to dig out those negatives, convert them to digital files and upload them to Picasa. I've actually had time to do a few little household projects, too, and even leave the house everyday. I'm not sure if this baby (a girl named Jane, by the way) is easier than Maya, or if I've just mastered doing multiple tasks while holding an infant, but I managed to accomplish much more than I anticipated this time around. But I'll get to all that less-important stuff in another post.

For today, we have an unknown bar in London, featuring an old-fashioned toilet with an elevated water tank — you know, the kind you'd find in an Italian restaurant with a gun hidden behind:

London, England
Next week, we'll head to mainland Europe. Or I'll get busy and not blog for 8 months. You never know.